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What is Admin?

The admin section is an administrator backend which is included in all Codebots applications. The admin section gives your system administrators a high level view of the application. To access the admin section, you will need to create an admin entity containing the User extension in the Entity Diagram. The admin section currently allows administrators to create, read, update and delete all entities attached to the application. The admin section also allows for the configuring of other extensions such as Forms and Workflows.

Creating Admin

  1. Create a new entity using the Entity Diagram named Admin, and attach the User extension.

  2. In Security Diagram, select all the permissions checkboxes for the Admin user. It is important the Admin has read, create, update and delete permissions for all entities.

    Security diagram
  3. Give the our new Admin user role access to the backend of the app by giving it the appropriate Special Group Access . To do this, click the three dots for the Admin group, and select “This group has access to the backend of your app”.

    Backend access dialog

    Backend access setting gif

Going to Admin

Log into your dev application with the following development and test credentials.

Username: ``
Password: `password`

This admin account is only available in your dev environment, and will not be created in production due to privacy and security reasons. Any account created for production as admin user will be given the same permissions as this test account.

When logged in as an admin, you will see a a black bar with a link in the right corner that says Admin.


Clicking this will take you to the admin section of your application. This is where you can view, add and modify entities, users and other extensions that are added to your application.

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