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C#Bot IDE Setup - Visual Studio (Mac, Windows) - License Required

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up and using Visual Studio to work with a C#Bot application. This software requires a commercial license.

Required articles

Setup Visual Studio

Visual Studio is licensed software. There are different version (Professional and Enterprise), and for this lesson we will be using a trial version of Visual Studio Professional, but the lesson will be applicable to all versions of Visual Studio 2019.

Go to the Visual Studio Download Page and download a version of Visual Studio 2019 appropriate for your use case.



Run the Installer for Visual Studio 2019 and select the following workloads:


Run the Installer for Visual Studio 2019 and select the following workloads:

Setup Project

Open the solution file for the project application.



Running an application

At the top of the screen (for windows and mac) there is a large play button. Clicking on this button will launch both the server-side and client-side of the application.





Debugging the Server-Side

You can debug the server-side by adding in breakpoints and running the application through Visual Studio. To learning more about debugging in Visual Studio checkout this Visual Studio debugging guide.


Debugging the Client-Side

Since Typescript and Javascript support is not supported by free plugins, you can use Chrome to debug the client-side. You can add debugger in your code base at the line you want to focus on, and this will trigger your browser to add a breakpoint in that same spot.

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