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C#Bot Technology List: Server-Side

The server-side of C#Bot is built using ASP.NET Core 3.1. Before you start using the bots, we recommend you first become familiar with the ASP.NET Core web framework. The articles below are a good place to start:

Resource Description Learn Extended Resources
C# Language C# (pronounced ‘C Sharp’) is a strongly typed object-oriented programming language used to develop applications in the .Net Core ecosystem. C# shares its origins with the ‘C’ family of languages and has comparable syntax to Java, C and C++. C# Tutorial C# Documentation
ASP.NET This is the server-side library that manages the request/response pipeline, handles controller actions, and manages user authentication. ASP.Net Tutorial ASP.NET Documentation
Entity Framework Core This library handles the database connection and data access layer of the application. Learn EF Core Entity Framework Core Documentation
GraphQL.NET This library is used to build GraphQL schemas’ as well as queries and mutations that can be run. Learn GraphQL.Net GraphQL .NET Documentation
GraphQL. EntityFramework Integrates GraphQL with the entity framework to provide efficient table joins when constructing large GraphQL queries. Learn GraphQL. EntityFramework GraphQL. EntityFramework Documentation

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