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C#Bot Technology List: Testing

The test target of C#Bot is built using a number of different tools. Before you start using the bots, we recommend you first become familiar with the testing framework. The technologies involved are listed below:

Resource Description Learn Extended Resources
xUnit xUnit and xUnit Runner are the test framework and test runner used for C#Bot. It is used for all C# testing targets. Learn xUnit xUnit
SpecFlow 3 SpecFlow is the behaviour-driven development framework used for writing Selenium based tests for C#Bot. Learn SpecFlow SpecFlow 3
Selenium Selenium is a free (open-source) automated testing framework used to validate web applications across different browsers and platforms. You can use multiple programming languages like Java, C# or Python to create Selenium test scripts.   Selenium Documentation
RestSharp RestSharp is a C# library for sending API requests. It is used by the C#Bot testing target for API tests. Learn RestSharp RestSharp
Jest Jest is a JavaScript Testing framework used for the C#Bot client-side. Jest focuses on simplicity and includes a feature-rich API to help you develop and debug tests. Learn Jest Jest
Enzyme Enzyme is a JavaScript tool designed specifically for testing React Components. It can be used to traverse, manipulate and simulate runtime events. Enzyme is used alongside Jest to test several components in the C#Bot client-side. Learn Enzyme Enzyme

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