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Dashboards Extension Overview

Please note: The Dashboards extension is not currently available with the third-generation bots. If you would like to register interest in prioritising this extension or creating the reference implementation, please contact us via the forum.

What is the Dashboards Extension?

Dashboards allow administrators to configure dashboards for themselves and end users. These dashboards are built using pre-defined bot-written queries, and are displayed via default graph types, including line, bar, and pie charts.

Use cases could include administration home pages, front page welcome dashboards and individual dashboards within an application.

To understand how Dashboards works, see the interactive prototype.

Default Dashboards includes:

Displaying data from the application as a list, line, bar, pie or donut graph.

Using Codebots protected regions, Dashboards can be customised to include:

Extend the pre-defined queries in the custom code to unlock further dashboard options, and extend the graphing types using entirely custom dashboard tiles.

Dashboards is not suitable for:

Displaying unstructured data (such as Forms submissions), or displaying data for specific user levels

Dashboards Design

View Dashboards

This is a screen which shows the existing dashboard tiles, their names, and the active version. It also shows if there is a draft version of the dashboard being edited. Dashboard tiles are created on the Codebots Platform using the Interface Diagram, but can be configured in real time from the site administration section.


Dashboard Queries

Users can harness the query filtering system to find the correct query required to access the data you want displayed in your graph. While configuring a dashboard, the application will offer a series of options to narrow down the relevant queries.


Dashboard Display

The display settings view allows the user to select a graph type and configure how it is displayed, with different options available for each graph type.


Display your data

Create run-time configurable graphs using any of your pre-defined graph types.


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