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Data table Extension Overview

What is the Data table extension?

Data table allows the extension of our CRUD feature by adding a visual interface for CRUD.

Data table includes:

What can the Data table extension do?

List View

Items are retrieved and displayed within this view as a list. Options to be performed against each item are available to the right. Image

In both this view and the Grid view (see below), results are paginated and can be filtered.

Selecting multiple items.

At the top of the view, there are also options that can be applied to one or many items. In order to select these items, there is a check box on the left of each item row. The user can select each item individually, or check the Select All box at the top of the list to select every item in the list. Image

Grid View

This is an alternate view for the entity’s items. They are displayed as boxes in a grid and options are available at the bottom of each box. Image

Grid view is currently only available in SpringBot.


Rather than moving through pages of results to find a particular item, the results can be filtered using the Filter functionality. The user has two options.

If the item can be found by entering a search term (e.g. name, description etc) then the user can type this term into the search bar at the top of the view. This will filter the results as the user types.

The second more targeted option is to open the Filter view and add more search parameters. The available fields in this view will be determined by how the entity has been setup in the Entity Diagram.



Although Delete is a separate action, it is performed through the List view. If enabled in the Entity Diagram, there will be an Delete button available on each item. If the user clicks that button they will be prompted to confirm they wish to proceed and if they continue the item will be removed from the application.

Removing multiple items is also available by checking the check box to the left of each item in List view (see Selecting multiple items above) then clicking the Delete Multiple button at the top of the view.

Create & Edit Views

The Create and the Edit views are similar in many ways. The main difference is that the user will either be creating an instance of an entity (booking, event etc) or editing one. Image

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