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Forms data structure

The Codebots Forms extension allows for users to create forms for data collection operations without developer input. This article will go over the data structure used to store the forms in the application.

Modeling a Form

When modeling a form on the Codebots Platform it will look like this:

An entity with a single form extension on it

Form Tables

When you create a model like this, the bot will create the following table structure in the database:

The forms table data structure

As can be shown by the diagram, there shall be 3 tables created for a Form entity:

Customising Form Submissions

The fields on the MyForm table can be customised by adding extra attributes onto the Form entity; these will not change the submission. If we want to change the submission, we can update our model to this:

An entity with a single form extension on it, connected to a form submission

This Form Submission entity will be used for storing the form submission data instead of the default one, and can be customised to have extra entities and relations just like any other entity. This can be especially handy for doing things like linking submissions to users.

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