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Forms extension overview

The Forms extension allows you to build and manage forms inside an application, so that you can easily capture information or any unstructured data from your users. From surveys and questionnaires, to sign-up and application forms, the Forms extension can handle a wide variety of use-cases straight out of the box, without requiring a single line of custom code to get started.

Out of the box, the Forms extension extends the functionality provided by the Developer API and CRUD features in any Codebots app. However, as is the case with any other extension available on Codebots, you’re never limited by the basic functionality that it provides. Developers can always customise the source code of a Codebots app to further extend the capabilities of Forms, such as through custom question tiles and styling.

In general, the Forms extension is suitable for:

However, the Forms extension is not suitable for:



Managing forms

Inside of an application’s Admin Section, an administrator is able to create, delete, edit and duplicate forms. Within this, an administrator can easily view the different entities with the Forms extension attached, under which different forms can be created and stored.


Creating and editing forms

Individual forms consisst of ‘Slides’ or sub-sections within a form, which then contain ‘Questions.’ When it comes to adding questions, administrators can choose from a variety of data types to collect information, alongside any show logic or validators as required.


Displaying forms

Finally, when it comes to displaying any forms created using the Forms extension, a Forms tile can easily be added to app’s user interface diagram on the Codebots Platform. Using this, administrators can easily configure which forms to display to the users of an application.

Viewing form submissions

Once a form is published, administrators can easily view any forms submissions in the admin section of an app.

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