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What is Axios?

Axios is a promised-based HTTP client for JavaScript. It has the ability to make HTTP requests from the browser and handle the transformation of request and response data.

The code snippet below shows an example usage of an Axios GET request, taken from the LMS Sharp example project: clientside/src/Models/Entities/User.tsx.

import axios from 'axios';

// Some lines have been removed here

function getGroups() {
    return axios.get(`${SERVER_URL}/api/account/groups`)
        .then(({ data }) => {
            return any) => { return { display: groupName, value: groupName }});

In the .get request above, the argument passed through is the URL. An optional second argument can be passed with parameters.

An example of an Axios POST request is shown in the code snippet below, taken from the LMS Sharp example project: clientside/src/Views/Components/CRUD/UserList.tsx.

protected resetPassword = (entity: IUser) => axios
        .post(`${SERVER_URL}/api/account/reset-password-request`, {Username:})
        .then(data => this.onResetPasswordSuccess(entity))
        .catch(data => alert(`${data}`, 'error'));

The POST method is similar to the GET method. In the .post request above, the second argument is an object containing the POST parameters, i.e. {Username:}.

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