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Which bot should I use?

Currently, we offer two full-stack codebots that you can choose from to build your application: C#Bot and SpringBot.


C#Bot is a third-generation codebot that allows for the development of full-stack applications based on Microsoft’s development tools.

On the server-side, C#Bot writes C# code within the ASP .NET Core framework. C# is one of the most popular programming languages today, used by approximately 31% of developers.

On the client-side, C#Bot writes TypeScript code within the React framework. The React framework was developed and is actively used by Facebook.

[^ As discovered in the 2019 Github developer survey.](http://


SpringBot is a third-generation codebot that allows for the development of full-stack applications using modern technologies.

On the server-side, SpringBot writes Java code within the Spring framework. The Spring framework is the most popular modern Java application framework^ and SpringBot takes advantage of its suite of features to create a complete server-side application.

On the client-side, SpringBot writes TypeScript code within the Angular 7.0 framework. The Angular framework has been developed and is actively used by Google.

[^ According to the 2019 Github developer survey. ](


Both C#Bot and SpringBot are designed to give you the same level of flexibility and customisation. While they each implement the same features, the underlying implementation differs; primarily because of the framework it is written in. However, this is not a limitation, meaning any functionality implemented in a C#/React application can also be implemented in a Java (Spring)/Angular application.

Choosing a bot

To decide which bot is best for you, you will need to consider the following:

a. Whether you need to integrate with existing technology stacks, either internal or external. Depending on whether these technologies already use a Java or C# framework will depend on which bot is best for you.

b. The experience and preferences of developers in your team.

If you’re unsure or you don’t mind which bot is used, you can always pick our recommended bot when creating your app. This is kept up to date to to reflect the most established or stable bot at the time, although they are largely comparable in their functionality with minor differences.

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