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Workflow extension overview

The Workflow extension allows you to manage sequential tasks and processes inside of your application, providing you with a tool to build ‘workflows’ for any of the entities that make up your app. Whether you need to manage the state of an application form as it moves through different stages, or even track the status of deals as they move through a sales pipeline, you can easily handle run-time configurable transitions between states on any entity with the Workflow extension.

Out of the box, the Workflow extension extends the functionality provided by the Developer API and CRUD features in any Codebots app. However, as is the case with any other extension available on Codebots, you are never limited by the basic functionality that it provides. Developers can always customise the source code of a Codebots app to further extend the capabilities of workflows, particularly when it comes to triggering specific actions or results when a workflow state changes.

In general, the Workflow extension is suitable for:

However, the Workflow extension is not suitable for:


Managing workflows

Inside of an application’s Admin Section, you can easily view any existing workflows, their names and what entities they are connected to. Additionally, you can easily delete, edit or duplicate an existing workflow here, or easily create new workflows as required.


Create/Edit workflows

When it comes to creating and editing workflows, you can easily specify any relevant information about your workflow under the ‘Details’ tab, or build and configure the states that make up the workflow itself under the ‘States’ tab.

Workflow states

Under the ‘States’ tab, you create new steps that form part of your workflow. Within this, you can manage the outgoing transitions to control the sequence of states an entity should move through. Additionally, you can specify whether a transition can go both ways by triggering the ‘Return Flow’ option as necessary.


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