Impactr inspires youth-led change with Codebots-powered app

31 August 2020 • 1 minute

Written by Christine Chien

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Changing the world is a massive undertaking, but someone has to do it and why shouldn’t it be us? And why wouldn’t we use technology, community and the power of bots to speed the whole process up?

The world’s population is young, with 42 percent of people under the age of 25 and some 89% of youth respondents [UNEP, GlobeScan Survey, 2008] saying young people can make a difference on climate change.

Impactr aims to mobilise a youth-driven movement, launching with a mobile app built with Codebots, that encourages the Impactr community to take small everyday actions, that when combined can have a big impact.

Impactr founder and CEO Johannah Maher has partnered with Codebots and engaged a talented team from WorkingMouse to deliver a beta version of the app. Jo believes there is space for everyone at the sustainability table and has empowered a young software team who are the target demographic to build the app, alongside code-writing bots that bring efficiencies and scalability to the Impactr product.

This is where Codebots shines; its ability to quickly model and prototype applications, giving admin users data governance controls while still allowing the software team to customise bot-written code, with a focus on creating a unique solution.

This video is a sneak peek of the team behind the app, which is due to be released in October 2020. If you want to be one of the first to try it and start doing small stuff that leads to meaningful change, you can sign up here.

Christine Chien

Written by Christine Chien

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