Elevate Innovation

Codebots allows developers to automate the development of their vision in a way that frees, not fetters, their ability to customise, iterate and create.

Take your software development to new heights

Drive development more effectively and efficiently without sacrificing innovation

Realise your vision without sacrificing innovation or ownership

Deliver more for less, without sacrificing quality, or devaluing your expertise

Not another low-code platform

Low code offerings allow companies to move faster and (in theory) more cost-effectively with their tech development - but do so in a way that runs counter to true innovation.

Companies get locked into last year’s code, and a developer’s capacity to wield their magic is hampered by the inability to customise and iterate. Which means, rather than drive the development of truly innovative new applications and technology, low-code locks companies into existing technology and handcuffs innovation.

Bots that code

Codebots is on a mission to create bots that code like the world's best developers.

Bots that work faster than humans and with more precision.

Bots that learn faster than humans and can be scaled on demand.

Bots that enable innovation to thrive and soar to new heights.


To put it simply a codebot is a bot that writes code. However, the technical vision behind Codebots is a novel mix of model-driven engineering and artificial intelligence.

Let’s take it right back to the beginning...

In 2013, our founder, Eban Escott, completed his PhD at The University of Queensland (UQ) with a plan to establish a company that would serve a dual purpose.

Firstly, we would sell development services and cut the software development company teeth of the codebots on real world projects. Secondly, we would use the profit of this software company to further develop and research these codebots. This strategy worked well with WorkingMouse establishing a foothold in the market and Codebots now standing on its own two feet.

This history demonstrates that Codebots is highly suited to these environments, augmenting traditional development teams.

The addition of Codebots accelerated the development process, allowing teams to focus on innovation and creativity whilst solving complex business problems.

Eban Escott profile

Eban Escott

Founder of Codebots