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09 March 2020 • 2 minutes

Written by Tessa Mylonas

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The latest version of C#Bot is now live! Read more about what is included in this latest installment.

C#Bot has been upgraded!

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A new version of C#Bot has just been launched (v1.1.0.0), featuring a laundry list of bug-fixes and improvements which should make your life easier. A full list of what was involved is available in the release notes on our Library, but some of the highlights have been outlined below:

Protected Regions

A bunch of new protected regions have been added in to give you more control over your application. Remember, if you are ever in a situation where you need a protected region and one is not where you need it to be, let us know so that we can add one in. While we do our best to anticipate your needs, there are always going to be gaps - so we rely on our Community to help us fill them.

Form Question Types

We have added in two new question types which you can use in your form builder: radio buttons and a date field. With these powers combined you can gain all sorts of knowledge, be it by asking people for today’s date or asking them a yes/no question. You are limited only by your imagination (and the tiles available…). If there is a question type you would like to use but isn’t currently available for your bot, please send us feedback using the feedback form on the Platform.

Updated to Testing Framework

We have completed an update to the general Selenium test framework, including code style improvements, removal of duplicate test code and a clean up of the bot-written specflow step definitions. This should make the framework easier to deal with.

.Net Core Upgrade

We have upgraded from .Net Core 3.0 to 3.1, since 3.0 reached the end of its life. The new version of 3.1 is actively supported.

Improved API Test setup

A bunch of changes were made to the bot’s API testing framework. All categories have been moved to the class level, meaning smaller file sizes and easier manipulation of the categories. The API tests previously contained significant setup, but this setup code has been abstracted away while still allowing the developer to maintain the same level of control for formulating requests.

… and a bunch of other things!

Remember, if you want to see these changes, you will have to upgrade your bot version. This is done by following the prompts in the pop-up which appears in the Entity Diagram of your app. Our full release notes and can be found in your library in the release notes book, where the release notes for all the bots and the platform are published. As always, if you come across any issues with this release, please make sure you let us know so we can fix it.

Image: https://codebots.com/site/img/giphy%20%281%29_1.gif

Tessa Mylonas

Written by Tessa Mylonas

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